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PM Modi Applauding BJD Fuels Speculation Of Growing Bonhomie With BJP

Bhubaneswar: Close on the heels of Prime Minister Narendra Modi praising BJD at the Upper House of the Parliament, speculations of a growing bonhomie between the regional party and BJP are rife.

Speaking on the 250th session of the Rajya Sabha on Monday, PM Modi praising BJD and NCP had said, “These parties have wonderfully adhered to Parliamentary norms. They have never ventured into the well. Yet, they have made their points very effectively. Much can be learnt from these practices.”

What’s Cooking Between BJP & BJD?

During the Assembly session today, Congress MLA Santosh Singh Saluja took a dig at BJP legislators accusing them of remaining silent on issues they had raised just a day before. “BJP MLAs who were threatening to stop the functioning of the House yesterday have become good boys after PM Modi’s praise for BJD,” said Saluja.

Similarly, Congress MLA from Jeypore, Tara Bahinipati, alleged existence of a secret tie between BJP and BJD. “Amit Shah must have asked Odisha BJP MLAs to stay silent inside the Assembly. It is a deal between the two parties to stay happy,” said Bahinipati.

In response, BJD MLA Amar Satpathy said, “Good work will always be appreciated. BJD strongly presents issues pertaining to Odisha in both the Houses of Parliament but never breaks rules.”

On the other hand, Deputy Leader of Opposition Bishnu Charan Sethi said if BJD feels good about PM Modi’s praise, they should tell that to people openly.

While there is no specific reason why the PM applauded BJD, political experts believe that it may be a reward for the regional party for extending support to BJP in different matters.

“Even though BJD is not part of the NDA, it is supporting them completely. PM Modi’s praise for BJD is indicating a different kind of politics,” said senior journalist Prasanna Mohanty.

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