Saswat Singhdeo

Puri: Controversy surfaced once again after pictures of the secret 'beshas' of Lord Gopaljew and goddess Radha of Sakhi Gopinath Temple in Puri went viral on social media on ‘Anla Nabami.’

The picture was reportedly posted on Facebook by one Basudevguddu Swain.

Similarly, a devotee from Surat, Tejas Selar uploaded a picture of the interior of Puri Srimandir while a photo of Lingaraj temple was also posted on social media.

Earlier this month, multiple pictures of Srimandir's interiors made rounds on social media, triggering concerns over the security at the 12th century shrine.

According to sources, photos of Bhitar Bedha, Koili Baikuntha present inside the temple premises were found posted on the Facebook account of one Hitesh Sunani of Gujarat.