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Peepli Live in Odisha: Media glare leaves Union Minister Pratap Sarangi tired

Bhubaneswar: No sooner than BJP veteran Pratap Sarangi trounced crorepati BJD leader Rabindra Jena to win the Balasore LS seat in the recently concluded Odisha elections, and subsequently inducted into Modi ministry, all eyes and cameras were on the man and his life. Even after 3 weeks, the focus has not shifted.

His simplicity as a person and even simpler lifestyle found lot of takers in both local and national media houses. So much so that every minute he was being captured in the lens.

The moment he came back from Delhi and reached his native place Nilagiri in Balasore, he was not spared his space. Be it bathing in a pond, doing puja or cleaning his thatched house with a broom, everything seemed to be frameworthy for mediamen. But surprisingly, these videos became viral the moment they were posted on social media. Maybe it was his mighty win vs his simple living and induction into Modi team of ministers that found good TRP and views.

However, too much of this media glare has disturbed Sarangi. Recently he admitted in an interview that his life has changed post elections.

“You (media) can’t allow anybody to live in peace,” laughed Sarangi when a correspondent of this media house caught up with him on Monday.

Sarangi further stated that from the day of his win he has not been left alone for a minute besides the time he retires for the day.

“Here in Nilagiri when I woke up the next day on my arrival from Delhi , there were camera teams waiting outside my house. With no other option, I decided to take a bath in village pond and media crew also followed. There are a lot of serious issues to be covered. I am not important,” said Sarangi with a look that clearly stated he doesn’t like being on focus so much.

One who has been a worker, promises to be a worker all life to serve people. Media can and should give the man his time and space.

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