Dilip Kumar

Bolangir: A news report on the death of person due to alleged shortage of oxygen at Kantabanji Community health centre was aired on OTV yesterday, which was entirely based on the allegation made by son of the deceased.

However, the allegations of oxygen shortage was later refuted by the Chief District Medical Officer Dr Bhimsen Sahoo. He said that the patient was brought to the health centre in a critical condition and despite all efforts put in by the doctors, he had succumbed. Sahoo also clarified that there are 16 oxygen cylinders available at Kantabanji CHC.

In the evening on the same day, Titilagarh Sub-collector Somesh Upadyay convened a press meet and set aside the allegations made by the deceased’s family about shortage of oxygen. His clarification at the press meet was also aired on OTV later.

Despite the clarification issued by him, Upadhaya later went ahead to claim that the news reported by OTV was false. In a tweet, Upadhyay said “Absolutely false, speculative and irresponsible reporting. There is no oxygen shortage at any of our medical centres including CHC Kantabanji. Media should be reporting more responsibly and not cause false panic during these times based on pure speculation.”
“The patient arrived in critical condition with oral foaming. He died within a couple of minutes of arrival while the doctor was still checking him. He was not a Covid patient,” he added.

As a responsible news channel, OTV always strictly follows its charter of ‘Free, Fair and Unbiased’ coverage. The entire incident that had occurred at the hospital yesterday had been reported by OTV in a complete unbiased manner.

Millions of viewers of the popular and household news channel would judge the news piece and the tweet made by the Sub-collector regarding OTV reporting.

Notably, Prem Meher of Asram Pada area in Kantabanji had been admitted to Kantabanji CHC yesterday. He died while undergoing treatment. His son alleged that his father had succumbed to the disease due to shortage of oxygen and medical negligence.

OTV had voiced the hapless son’s grievance.