Mrunal Manmay Dash

Rourkela: Passengers in Odisha had a harrowing experience after a superfast express train didn’t halt in one of its designated stoppages on Monday.

As per reports, 22844 Patna-Bilaspur weekly Superfast Express didn’t halt at the designated stoppage at Rajgangpur at 12:47 PM and kept moving towards Bilaspur leaving passengers who had to disembark at Rajgangpur in a tizzy.

Bewildered relatives and friends who were waiting for the train at Rajgangpur station were left perplexed as the superfast express stopped at Garposh station nearly 15 kms away.

Ajay Kumar Singh, the relative of an elderly passenger travelling in that train said, “My grandfather was coming from Patna and he should have got down here in Rajgangpur, instead the train stopped at Garposh.”

“I can’t communicate with my grandfather. I don’t know whether he got down at Garposh or went ahead,” added an anxious Ajay.

Similarly, another passenger named Deepak Thakur described his ordeal as ‘horrific’. He said, “Me and my 80-year-old uncle suffered a lot due to this. The Railway officials at Garposh didn’t help us.”

Taking stern note of the incident, Chakradharpur DRM suspended Rajgangpur station master on charges of dereliction of duty.