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Bhubaneswar: It may sound bizarre, but Rs 4.14 crore has allegedly been siphoned off from the bank account of AIIMS. As per reports, the money has been withdrawn from a branch of State Bank of India (SBI) in Phulbani allegedly in connivance with some bank officials.

Sources said the funds were transferred to one Chandra Panda, owner of Satya Sai Medical Store in Phulbani. Panda got SMS regarding the credit in his bank account last month. He claimed that when he visited the SBI main branch in Phulbani and reported the matter, some officials coaxed him to withdraw the amount.

Subsequently, Panda withdrew Rs 50 lakh initially, out of which he paid nearly Rs 30 lakh to the bank officials. Later, the remaining amount was transferred to several other accounts, it is alleged.

Panda does not have any links with AIIMS  and it is still uncertain how the funds were transferred to his bank account.

Though the authorities of AIIMS could not be contacted, senior officials of the concerned bank at Phulbani informed that the matter is under investigation. However, they refused to comment about the matter on camera.

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