Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Berhampur: A year ago on February 9, 2020, B Sarada's life changed forever when she met with an accident after a private bus in which she was travelling, came in contact with an 11KV live power transmission wire near Golanthara in Ganjam district. As many as 12 persons were electrocuted to death and over 40 others including Sarada were injured on the fateful day.

Both her legs were severely injured and the doctors had no option left but to amputate both the limbs in order to keep her alive. Her life became miserable as she was not able to lead an independent life thereafter.

However, the Dankalpadu resident from Ganjam district has recently got a new lease of life thanks to the district administration which jumped into action and extended a helping hand after the ordeal of the hapless lady was aired on Odisha Television.

According to reports, the District Disability Rehabilitation Centre (DDRC) at Berhampur City Hospital enabled Sarada to overcome her impairment through the provisioning of artificial prosthetic limbs.

"I am grateful before the district administration for their kindness and support. Now I am practising to walk with the help of the artificial limbs. Hopefully I will be able to walk on my own feet again in few days," said an elated Sarada.

DDRC doctors are hopeful that the lady will be able to walk within two to three months.

"Since Sarada had lost both her legs, she had to practise rigorously with the new pair of artificial limbs. We have provided her all sorts of facilities at the city hospital. Hopefully she will be able to walk soon," said doctor Ajit Kumar Raula.

(Edited by Suryakant Jena)