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Bhubaneswar: Seeking a public debate on the proposed Lokayukta Act in Odisha, senior Congress leader Niranjan Patnaik today said the anti-corruption vigilance wing of the state Police should be brought under the purview of the legislation.

"A full-fledged debate is essential before placing the proposed Lokayukta Bill in the state assembly," Patnaik said in a letter to the Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik.

Welcoming Chief Minister's announcement to introduce a new Lokayukta Bill in assembly within one month, the Congress leader said the same should be kept in the public domain for debate on its provisions.

"After going through the Odisha Police Bill, 2013, which has been introduced in the state Legislature by you there is well-founded apprehension that the Lokayukta Bill may turn out to be another eye-wash like the Police Bill and you may try to bulldoze the Bill through the legislature without adequate public debate by taking advantage of the brut majority that your party enjoys in the State Assembly," Patnaik wrote in his letter to the Chief Minister.

The former PCC president also sought clarification on some specific aspects of the proposed Bill, which include the manner of appointment and removal of Lokayukta or Lokayuktas.

The constitution of the collegium for selection of Lokayukta.

"The people should know whether the state Vigilance will be brought under the control of the Lokayukta, as the CBI has been brought under the Lokapal by the Central Government, for the purposes of investigation referred to the State Vigilance by the Lokayukta," Niranjan asked.

Whether like the CBI Director, the State Vigilance Chief will have a minimum tenure of two years irrespective of retirement and promotion, he asked adding that the manner of intervention by the Lokayukta in cases where the state delays prosecution sanction.

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