Subadh Kumar Nayak

Malkangiri: The hands which once wielded guns and smeared with the blood of innocent people are now serving tea and snacks to people.

Former Maoists Bhima Madhi and Dinesh Madkami who once topped the State Police list of most wanted left wing extremists are now self-employed and leading a life of esteem by running a small joint business at MV-2 village of Malkangiri district.

Both of them have jointly opened a small tea and snacks stall with an aim to become self-sufficient and irk out a living. Their return to the mainstream of society has now become an example for many who continue to choose the life of extremism.

On the new journey in his life, Bhima Madhi says, “I decided to open a stall to earn money so that I can look after my family and provide education to my children. I am happy that our business is getting a positive response from the people."

“Both of us thought that we should not sit idle for long and decided to do this business so that we get some money at the end of the day,” said Dinesh Madkami.

Influenced by the red rebels, Bhima and Dinesh had joined the outlawed group in 2007 and 2012 respectively. Over the period of time they became so influential among their team members that the State government had announced a bounty of Rs 4 lakh each on their heads. However, fed up with Maoist activities they gave up the path of violence and returned to the mainstream in 2014.

While staying in police camp after surrendering before the Malkangiri Police, both of them fell in love with two female surrendered Maoists and subsequently settled with them.