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Dilip Kumar

Jajpur: A boy eventually landed in an embarrassment for his bizarre gesture while trying to meet his girlfriend at the latter's house at Jajpur Road in the district.

The boy, a Plus II student from Angul impersonating himself as a monk was caught while coming to meet his girlfriend at Ferro chrome Colony under Jajpur Road police limits in the district on Saturday.

"In an appearance of a 'Baba', the youth came to the colony. While I enquired about his details, he replied that he has come from Himalaya. But, I suspected his appearance with long hair and beard. To clear my doubt, I simply pulled his beard which was just then removed from his face," Sanjay Jena, a local said.

The fellow neighbours detained him suspecting him as member of child lifting gang and asked him his details before handing him over to police.

Police took him into the custody and questioned him regarding his bizarre act. During questioning, the boy admitted that he took to such peculiar idea to make an easy way to the house of his girlfriend.

Sources said the family members of his girlfriend disapproved their affairs which forced him to think of resorting to such an idea to meet her.

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