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Odisha youth develops ‘smart helmet’ for safer rides

Rayagada: For safe rides on a two-wheeler, everyone must wear a helmet and to ensure the same, a diploma student of the Gandhi Institute of Science and Technology, Raygada has come up with a ‘smart helmet.’

As per Gyana Ranjan Patnaik, the inventor of the smart helmet, a two-wheeler will operate only when the driver wears the helmet and it will stop functioning when the driver removes the helmet.

Moreover, the smart helmet can prevent a drunk driver from driving as the sensor installed in the helmet will detect alcohol levels of the driver and kill the engine, said Gyana Ranjan.

“After pondering over the idea that something must be done to make wearing helmet compulsory, I invented the smart helmet with the help of teachers and fellow students. The receiver is installed in the two-wheeler whereas the transmitter is installed on the helmet. When someone wears the helmet, the signal goes to the bike that the driver is wearing a helmet and the engine starts. Apart from this, the driver who wears the helmet and tries to drive the vehicle after consuming alcohol, the engine will not function.”

Expressing happiness over the invention, Gobind Prasad Rath, managing director of the college, said, “I expect that the accidents will minimise with this invention. I will ensure the smart helmet gets recognition nationally and internationally.”

The district transport office said the mass production and use of the smart helmet is possible only after the State government approves the technology.

“The technical committee will examine the smart helmet. Following this, it can be used to help the masses,” said Dilip Kumar Dalai, district transport officer, Rayagada.

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