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Mrunal Manmay Dash

Puri: A drowning woman was rescued by lifeguards at Puri sea beach today. The entire rescue operation was captured on camera by one of the spectators present near the beach.

As per reports, one Nilabati Sahoo from Tihidi area of Bhadrak district was washed away by strong current while bathing at the beach in Puri. After spotting the woman, lifeguards G. Chakradhar and K. Ajith jumped into the sea and rescued her.

“I tried holding her hands but failed twice. But later I managed to hold the lady by her hair and towed her to the shore placing the tube under her belly,” Chakradhar said.

“When I saw Chakradhar in the water, I immediately went there with tube and we rescued the lady and brought her back to the shore safely,” said Ajith.

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