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Poonam Singh

Baripada: At least six students were injured after a swarm of honey bees attacked them while they were on a trip to Bangiriposi Ghat in Mayurbhanj district on Friday. One of them is stated to be critical.

According to reports, the students had gone to the Bangiriposhi Ghat on a trip. They were shooting a video inside a cave when they came under attack from a swarm of honey bees.

Reportedly, the bees went berserk and attacked from all directions.  While some of the boys manage to take cover two of them got trapped inside the cave and took the maximum brunt of the attack. One of the boys , who had received several stings is stated to be critical.

On being informed, the local  fire brigade personnel rescued the boys and rushed the critically injured to the Bangiriposhi Community Health Centre.

Locals said that they had cautioned the students about the beehives on the ghat but they still went ahead and entered the cave.

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