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Pradeep Singh

Bhubaneswar: Though Odisha government followed the CBSE and ICSE model and slashed the syllabus of Class 1 to 12 students for 2020-21 academic session by 30 per cent, experts believe that the move would hardly help students as most of the curriculum trimmed in the process were already taught.

Similarly, educationists say that the move was not thought through as it will rather increase the stress of students and force them to go through the entire course once again that too in a limited time period.

"We had thoroughly revised all that we were taught in the last three months (online mode), but most of those curriculum have now been curtailed. We will suffer now as we have to start afresh," said a student, Tejaswani Mishra.

Despite having 70 per cent syllabus to cover, it feels like 100 per cent preparation is still left, she added.

"First few chapters of some subjects have been trimmed which the students had already covered. In the process, all their hard work and time are now wasted. In case schools open after puja holidays and the test exam is conducted, students will not get enough time to go through the new syllabus," said, Basudev Barik, a guardian.

Lack of coordination among the concerned departments, experts and teachers during the syllabus rationalization has put extra pressure on students instead of easing the burden, said experts.

“At least the chapters that were taught shouldn't have been removed. This simply wasted two months' hard work put in by the students. I think there was a lack of coordination among the concerned authorities," said educationist, Satyakam Mishra.

The government should have thought about the students who don't have internet access for the online classes before revising the syllabus. But, there is still time to come up with some changes in the interest of the students at large, Mishra said.

There are around 60 lakh students in Class 1 to 12 in Odisha while only around 22 lakh students (as per the State government's figure) have access to online classes.

Prakash Mohanty, secretary of Odisha Secondary School Teacher Association (OSSTA), said, "The students shouldn't have been left in an ambiguous environment for two months. The syllabus revision seems to have a lot of lacuna."

"Who were in the technical committee? Whether the syllabus committee was part of the revision process and on what basis those chapters were trimmed... All these need to be answered," he added.

(Edited By Bikram Keshari Jena)

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