Rojalin Mishra

Bhubaneswar: In an effort to ensure that KALIA scheme benefits are only availed by the eligible beneficiaries, the Odisha government has put up posters urging ineligible beneficiaries to return the money that they have received. The posters put up by the government displays an account number where the ineligible beneficiaries have been asked to refund the assistance which they received under the KALIA scheme.

Such posters requesting ineligible beneficiaries to transfer the money voluntarily have been put up at several villages across the state.

In the posters, the government has urged the people to report the names of ineligible beneficiaries who have received money under the KALIA scheme with an assurance that the identity of the informants will be kept confidential, added sources.

The posters have also asked eligible beneficiaries to apply for assistance if they have not been covered under the scheme so far.

As per reports, names of 51 lakh farmers who have received benefits under the scheme, have been uploaded on the website. However, the government's new move asking for refund of money has sparked resentment among the farmers.