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Dilip Kumar

Cuttack: Surgeons at SCB Medical College and Hospital here have made a significant achievement by conducting a rare surgery on a man who had been spending a pain- striking life due to severe growth of flesh on his face.

A ten-member team of experts from Plastic Surgery Department of the premier health institute has successfully operated out the unnatural growth of flesh on the face of a patient.

The patient, Harischandra Tarai hailing from Soro of Balasore district said that the unnatural growth of flesh had started developing on his face since 2013 which forced him to live a painful and abnormal life. The patient was suffering from the acutely agonising condition due to unnatural growth of flesh on the face. He could not eat and drink properly. He was also feeling difficulties in breathing, he added.

"In 2013, a small flesh developed on my lips. Then it gradually increased and spread to my entire face. I was leading a painful life. I am very happy after these fleshes were operated out. I can lead a normal life now," he said.

The five-hour long surgery was also very challenging for the doctors. "It slowly developed from a small fungal infection. And such deformity condition on the face is very rare. We had taken adequate precautionary measures while conducting the surgery. There was also a life risk due to acute bleeding during operation. We prepared well and successfully completed the operation within five hours," said Bibhuti Bhushan Nayak, head of the department of Plastic Surgery.

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