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Odisha man facing CBI probe in Dhanush artillery gun scam murdered in Jabalpur

Jabalpur: An Odisha man, who was summoned by CBI in connection with irregularities in manufacturing of Dhanush artillery gun at Jabalpur Gun Carriage Factory (GCF), was murdered, revealed autopsy report today.

Sarada Charan Khatua of Kokilpur village of Jagatsingpur, who was working as a Junior Works Manager (JWM) at the Gun Carriage Factory in Jabalpur was missing since January 17 and his body was recovered yesterday. Sarada was facing a CBI probe in connection with alleged irregularities pertaining to use of Chinese-made parts in the Dhanush artillery gun. His body was found lying in the bushes near the hilly area of the factory’s estate yesterday.

“CBI had asked him to appear, so he left home on January 17 but never returned,” said Sarada’s father Kalandi Khatua.

Earlier, a missing report was filed by the family members of the deceased. They had alleged that Sarada was murdered as a blood-stained blade was found near his body.

CBI had booked unidentified officials of the Gun Carriage Factory and a Delhi-based company in July 2017 for selling fake Chinese spare parts to the ordnance factory, which falls under the Defence ministry. While Sarada was summoned in connection with the case, his family members alleged that he was kidnapped and murdered because he was in knowledge of the corruption involving higher officials.

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“My brother was aware about the corruption by the higher officials which is why he was kidnapped and murdered,” brother of Sarada, Ranjan Khatua, said.


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