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Odisha Man Donates His Rare ‘Bombay Blood’ To Save Woman

Berhampur: He might be just a man but he is no less than a messiah for one. For Milli (name changed), Rourkela resident Dillip Ranjan Barik was ‘God Sent’ when he donated his rare blood to save her life.

According to sources, Milli, a resident of Patrapur area in Ganjam district had successfully given birth to a baby girl a week ago, but due to loss of blood during the delivery, her health condition became critical.

But when the doctors at Berhampur MKCG hospital diagnosed her, they were shocked to see that she was carrying a ‘HH-Bombay +Ve Blood’ in her body which made them even more worried because it was one of the rarest blood groups.

HH Blood Group gets its name from its interesting discovery by Dr YM Bhende in 1952 in Mumbai (Then Bombay). Also called Bombay Phenotype, it is so rare that chance of its presence is ‘one in a population of 7500’. Generally found in O Blood group bearing people, sometimes carrier of this blood group even are not compatible for transfusion from O group. That is when their blood group is identified as HH blood group.

But while the rarity of the blood group was making Milli’s family and doctors anxious, a social worker of Berhmapur, Manoranjan Dyana Samantaray shared the news on social media seeking help from any interested donor.

“The patient was struggling due to loss of blood and so we took help of social media and that is when we found Dillip who voluntarily donated his blood to save the life of the woman. His act of nobility deserves lot of appreciation,” said Manoranjan.

Dillip’s noble act has not only made Mili’s family members thankful but praises are pouring in for him from all quarters.

“I came to know about the need of the rare blood from a WhatsApp group and now I am feeling proud after donating my blood,” said Dillip.

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