Suryakant Jena

Bhubaneswar: Amid a steady upswing in the cases of Covid-19 in the State triggering the possibility of a full-scale second wave of the virus pandemic, the State government of Odisha has amended some regulations in its policy of quarantine for health care providers engaged in Covid duty.

Below mentioned are the revised guidelines issued by the government.

  1. There is no need to place Fully Vaccinated (2 weeks after 2nd dose) service providers in quarantine after a stint of duty for 15 days in a Covid facility.
  2. The deployed staff will continue to work with usual day off as per rules.
  3. If any service provider during duty becomes symptomatic, he/she should be immediately isolated, tested and followed up as per guidelines to rule out Covid infection.
  4. All infection control guideline must be followed scrupulously as per SOP, in Covid facilities.
  5. In view of the above, there will be no need to keep a full reserve batch to replace the deployed batch as per the old quarantine policy.