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Suryakant Jena

Bhubaneswar: The Odisha government on Wednesday issued a detailed advisory suggesting a slew of measures for follow up care and management of health condition of Covid-19 recovered patients.

At Individual Level:

  • Continue Covid appropriate behaviour (use of mask, hand hygienie, physical distancing)
  • Drink adequate warm water (if not contra-indicated)
  • If health permits, regular housework can be resumed. Professional work can be restrated in a graded manner
  • Mild/moderate exercise like daily practice of Yogasanas, pranayama, meditation, breathing exercises as permitted by treating physician
  • Balanced nutritious diet
  • Adequate sleep/rest
  • Avoid smoking and consumption of alcohol
  • Take regular medications as prescribed for Covid and also for managing co-morbidities
  • Look for early signs like high graded fever, breathlessness, oxygen saturation less than 95%, unexplained chest pain, new onset of confusion, focal weakness

At Community Level:

  • Recovered individuals to share their positive experiences for creating awareness, dispelling myths and stigma
  • Take support of community-based SHGs, civil society organisations and qualified professionals for recovery and rehabilitation process
  • Seek psycho-social support from peers, community health workers
  • Partcipate in group sessions of yoga, meditation etc.

At Healthcare Setting:

  • The first follow-up action (physical/telephonic) should be within 7 days of discharge. Thereafter regular follow up at the hospital level should be done at least 4 weeks and 12 weeks after discharge
  • Patients under home isolation, should visit nearest health facility in case of persistent symptoms

During Hospital Follow Up

At 4 weeks

Patients shall be assessed physically face to face

Follow up chest X-Ray if required

At 12 weeks

Discharged patients shall be subjected to chest X-Ray, Pulmonary function test, Oxygen saturation measurement, echo-cardiography

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