Puri: Raghunath Mohapatra has been infusing life into seashells, which are found in abundance on the beaches of Odisha, by creating breathtaking sculptures.

Starting from ‘Dasa Avatar Murti’ to ‘Boita Bandana’ and ‘Dasamahavidya’ of Goddess Durga to a plethora of interesting subjects of Indian mythology, Raghunath has managed to portray them all in sculptures made out of seashells with his painstaking craftsmanship.

Starting his career as seashell craftsman at a young age, Raghunath is now an internationally-acclaimed artist after years of struggle.

“After seeing someone using glue to stick seashells, I decided to polish them and revamp the art form,” Raghunath said.

Raghunath has been an ambassador of the craft and an inspiration to many.

“Due to the blessings of Raghunath, I have learnt the art and have been getting many honours,” said Jagannath Mohapatra, a seashell sculptor.

Echoing similar views another artiste Padma said, “Many persons have learnt the art form from him and became successful in their lives.”