Rajendra Prasad Mohapatra

Puri: A devotee of Lord Jagannath, who prefers to remain anonymous, will be donating gold ornaments weighing around 400 gram to the Srimandir Temple Administration.

According to sources, a number of important ornaments worn by the Lord, like Chandra and Surjya (sun and moon) would be made out of the donated gold. These ornaments adorn Lord Jagannath’s face. The devotee has also agreed to donate gold foils (Subarna Patia) for the Trinity, which are used during the Abakasa ritual, sources added.

Sources said that the devotee had approached the Chief Administrator of Sri Jagannath temple and expressed his desire to donate ornaments for the deities. The temple administration agreed to his proposal and sent him the traditional designs of ornaments used by the deities. “He will be making the ornaments by engaging his own jeweller,” sources added.

“The existing Chandra and Surjya ornaments have become very old. The devotee has agreed to make the new ornaments based on the original style. It is expected that the new ornaments will be ready within a month,” said Ananta Tiadi, a member of the Srimandir Management Committee.

On October 22, an anonymous devotee from Mumbai had expressed his desire to donate gold worth Rs 2.5 crore for making ornaments for the Trinity.

He had sent a letter to the temple administration stating that after approval of the designs, ornaments would be ready for use of the deities by end of the holy Kartik month.

Important ornaments to be remade by the devotee include Srimukha Padma (of Lord Jagannath), Tadaki (of Devi Subhadra), Jhobakanti (of Lord Balabhadra), and a number of other necklaces.

Earlier, a Jaipur-based devotee had expressed his desire to donate 1,920 kg of silver for plating of Jaivijay, Kalahat, and Beharan - the three important doors of the sanctum sanctorum of Srimandir. Moreover, the survey work for the designing of the proposed gates has also been finished.

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