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Pradeep Singh

Nayagarh: The Special Investigation Team (SIT) of the Odisha Crime Branch on Wednesday found a blood-stained piece of cloth from the house of the arrested accused, Saroj Sethi.

An expert has reportedly confirmed that the minor had nose bleeding during strangulation and the accused wiped the blood with that particular piece of cloth.

Meanwhile, SIT officials informed that the cloth will be sent to laboratory for examination.

On Tuesday, leggings of the deceased was reportedly recovered from a pond in Jadupur (body of the minor girl was earlier recovered near the pond). However, the SIT is yet to clarity whether the leggings was of the deceased or not.

Following the recovery of the leggings, over 10 ODRAF personnel today searched the pond in presence of SIT chief Arun Bothra.

Earlier today, a social organisation filed a miscellaneous petition in Orissa High Court seeking direction for polygraph test of SIT chief Bothra along with the doctors who initially found no signs of rape on the body of the girl and the doctors who have now established sexual assault.

The petition read “that unless the outside agency is directed to take up the investigation and unless the polygraph test is conducted on doctors who initially pointed that there was no sign of any rape on the body of Pari and now the examination has pointed that there has been rape on the body, there are apprehension that proper accused will not come to light.”

The petitioner further stated that Bothra should also face polygraph test to ascertain whether ‘some material evidences are being concealed or there are truths in his version.’

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