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Ramakanta Biswas

Kendrapara: As many as 30 passengers on board a motor boat remained stranded in the sea near Rajnagar after the boat accidentally slipped away from its direction due to poor visibility caused by dense fog.

According to sources, the incident happened while the boat was ferrying the passengers to Chandbali from Talachua through Brahmani-Baitarani river mouth today morning.

The boat reportedly veered towards Kalibhanjdia-Karnalighat near Dhamra port and remained stranded in the sea for more than two hours. After the sky became clear, the boat started journey towards Chandbali.

“We were on board the motor boat which was going to Chandbali from Talachua. Instead of going to Chanbali, it slipped into the sea area near Kalibhanjdia-Karnalighat. We remained stranded for more than two hours,” said a passenger of the boat.

The stranded boat and the passengers were rescued after five hours of tireless efforts by Dhamara Marine police and Rajnagar police.

Worth mentioning, dense fog cover has badly affected communication across the State. Yesterday, a boat carrying at least 30 passengers from Satpada to Janhikuda was stranded in Chilika lake due to poor visibility caused by dense fog. Later, the passenger boat safely reached the coast.


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