Sanjeev Kumar Patro

Bhubaneswar: Notwithstanding the most delayed withdrawal since 1961, Monsoon looks seemingly in a hurry to wind up. Its withdrawal from Odisha will resume as soon as from October 16, when the withdrawal has only started on October 9 from north-western India.

As per the recorded trends of monsoon withdrawal from Odisha, the withdrawal from the State normally had started atleast after a fortnight, post the withdrawal from north-western India.

A persisting anticyclonic air-flow has been observed over Odisha. The moisture level in the lower and middle troposphere has seen a drastic reduction over Odisha, especially over western Odisha. The relative humidity over western Odisha has now dropped to below 50 per cent. The coastal region, including Khurda, Puri, etc has  also seen a drop in relative humidity to around 70 per cent, which is a normal level.

However, the relative humidity range in south interior Odisha is still estimated at over 80 per cent.

Moreover, a drastic dip in the rainfall activity has been recorded in Odisha since the beginning of October.

As per the IMD data, Odisha has recorded over 16 per cent less rainfall vis-a-vis the normal during the period of October 1-11. The IMD has further made forecasts that Odisha will not witness any significant rainfall activity till October 19.

For which, IMD observed that the conditions are getting favourable for much sooner withdrawal of Monsoon from eastern India, including Odisha.

However, the northeast Monsoon (that makes onset over south east India, especially TN and Puducherry) will trigger above normal rainfall over Odisha  prior to Diwali (October 27).

But for weather connoisseurs, the winter is still atleast a fortnight away. While northwestern India will enjoy a fresh dewy morning by Diwali, Odisha has to wait till November.

As per the US-based Climate Prediction Centre, states like Rajasthan, Punjab and Haryana will record dew temperature below 12 degree Celsius (C) from mid-October.

Currently, the dew temperature in coastal and southern Odisha is above 21 degree C, whereas the dew temperature in Western Odisha is hovering between 18-20 deg C.