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Meet Odisha’s Miracle Kid Who Can See Everything Even With Blindfold

Bargarh: Very few people in the world are blessed with extraordinary qualities. When you close your eyes, the world becomes completely dark. Can you imagine how it would feel if you can also see everything even with your eyes closed or when you are blindfolded. Well, a little girl from Odisha possesses such a super human tendency to see through blindfold.

Alisha Agarwal from Bargarh district has now become the talk of the town following media reports on her extra ordinary abilities to recognize everything effortlessly even with blindfold.

“Whatever I see with my naked eye, I can see it with blindfolds too. I can recognise colours, numbers and do mathematics as well even with closed eyes,” says Alisha.

A Class III student of Vikash First Step School, Alisha lives with her parents and two siblings in an apartment at Kali Mandirapada in Bargarh Town.

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Asked about Alisha’s new quality, her father Dinesh Agarwal and mother Nupur Agarwal said that they came to know about the striking feature in her persona just a few days back.

The couple claimed that Alisha can easily write, recognise colors, alphabets, numbers and can also do other tasks that a person with blindfolds can never even think to attempt.

“Few days back she asked me to recognize things with blindfolds on. Initially I ignored her thinking that she was joking but when she insisted on it, I blindfolded her and checked that she was able to do things quite normally. Later, I made her read books and do some calculations and she did it without any mistake. I believe this is god’s gift to my daughter,” explained Nupur.

Alisha’s parents say that though they are happy about her extraordinary quality, they are also worried thinking that the tendency might hamper her mind.

“I stay outside for my work and when I came home last Thursday, I was informed about it by my family. Initially, I did not believe them but when I myself experimented with her, I was left stunned. Everything has its pros and cons so I am worried that it might hamper my kid’s psychology,” said Alisha’s father.

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