Cuttack: Going with the motto- “Service to mankind is Service to God,” Abhimanyu Das, a small time book binder from the silver city has now turned a Messiah for many cancer patients at Acharya Harihar Regional Cancer Centre (AHRCC) in Cuttack. The man has self designated himself to be the attendant for the patients at AHRCC and offers all requisite help.

Abhimanyu decided to serve cancer patients after the demise of four of his beloveds including his mother and father-in-law. However, after his brother-in-law succumbed to the disease in 2009, he chose to lead a dedicated life for the patients.

This gives me self satisfaction. I have suffered a lot due to illness. I was bedridden for more than 400 days, so I feel helping others gives happiness more than anything else.

--- Abhimanyu Das

Deepak, a cancer patient who has recovered from the disease but is still under supervision at AHRCC said, “I was suffering from gastric cancer and it is only because of Abhi Bhai that I am still alive in this world. He is God for me.”

Not only attending the cancer patients, Abhimanyu also spends his time in carrying unattended dead bodies to the cremation ground- ‘Swarga Dham’ near his home at Khapuria. He has been doing this since 2009 and has constantly received support from his friends and a few others in his locality. The priest at ‘Swarga Dham’ has often helped in performing the last rites, he says.

Abhimanyu runs his family of three by working in the evening as a book binder after his self assignment for the poor and needy from morning till afternoon. He lives with his wife and son in Cuttack and has never complained about money to run his family. Money hardly matters to me; social service gives me the real happiness, says Abhimanyu.

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“Needy people always feel happy whenever they find someone as their support. I have felt the same and that is why I want to tell people to stand in each other’s misery,” he said.