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MasterChef India 6 Begins With ‘Jay Ho Odisha’ As Abinas Nayak Spreads Chicken Besara

From the moment MasterChef India contestant home-grown Abinas Nayak made it to the show after the qualifying rounds, adulation on the social media has been refusing to die down. The Aska boy, working with an MNC, had decided to serve a slice of Odisha to the judges that included Celebrity Chef Vikash Khanna, Ranveer Brar, Vineet Bhatia to make it to the final list of contestants. And sure he did impress the judges to be decked with the MasterChef apron.

“I can’t believe I have finally got this apron to wear,” cried 27-year-old Abinas as soon as he was selected after presenting ‘Chicken Besara’ and greeted with “Welcome to MasterChef Bhaiyaa” by Brar.

Besara, which is a mix of mustard and a few condiments, lent the much desired flavour to the chicken breasts that were stuffed with mustard paste mousse and then poached and diced.

At a time when the chef judges were not too happy with the dishes presented till Abinas made an entry to the show, Chicken Besara drew one of them to try it at once even before Abinas poured in the sauce on the plate. By the time Chef Ranveer Brar asked Abinas to explain, he had already carried the plate to the other two judges.

“All Odisha dishes take a long time. But within the limited time I was permitted and the challenge I was given, I could manage the dish though added a modern contemporary touch and also did some garnishing,” explained an elated Abinas.

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It is pertinent to mention here that Abinas is the first Odia to be selected in the popular cooking reality show and has received Lokicooks Fellowship 2019. He was also among the Top-15 in Hungry for Haldiram’s cooking contest last year.

“Can I shake hands with you?” asked the simpleton to the judges when he was invited by all three to be hugged and appreciated. Impromptu Chef Vikash Khanna proclaimed “Jay Ho Odisha” and said now this is what MasterChef India is all about.

MasterChef India Season 6 premiered on Star Plus on December 7.

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