Odishatv Bureau


Sambalpur: Sabitri Brata turned into a day of mourning for a family in Sambalpur today after a man was electrocuted to death while trying to save his wife and domestic help.

The deceased, identified as Brindaban Pradhan was electrocuted while he was trying to rescue his wife and domestic help, both of whom had come in contact with a live electricity wire while drying clothes.

According to sources, the incident occurred when the domestic help came in contact with the wire and in a bid to save her, Pradhan's wife was also electrocuted.

"The man was trying to save his wife and the maid, but unfortunately he came in contact with the live wire and died," said Kumudini Meher, an eye witness.

The wife of the deceased and the domestic help have been admitted to Sambalpur medical, said sources.