Ramakanta Biswas

Cuttack: Prafulla Biswal, the prime accused in Mahanga double murder case, in his last phone call claimed that he was framed in the case by Odisha Minister Pratap Jena, alleged Ramakant Baral, son of deceased BJP leader Kulamani Baral on Monday.

Baral claimed that Prafulla had made a phone call to him before his death. He lodged a FIR with Mahanga police in this regard. “I swear by Lord Jagannath that Minister Pratap Jena has framed me in the case,” Ramakant quoted Prafulla as saying in the FIR, a copy of which was accessed by OTV.

“We were involved in three murder cases on behalf of the Minister,” Prafulla had allegedly told the slain BJP leader’s son requesting him to take care of his children before disconnecting the call.

The deceased BJP leader’s son requested police to examine the call record and immediately arrest Pratap Jena by bringing him under the purview of the investigation.

Prafulla, who was the prime accused in the murder of BJP leader Kulamani Baral and his associate Dibyasingha Baral, was found dead near Nua Bandal Chhak in Tangi area of Cuttack on February 6. While police claimed that he died in an accident, the BJP termed it a well-planned murder.

The BJP claimed that Prafulla was murdered apprehending that he would reveal the involvement of ruling-BJD in the murder of Kulamani Baral and his associate Dibyasingha.

“The prime conspirator was kept undercover by the ruling party. We suspect that once apprehended, he would disclose information against the ruling party, so he was eliminated in a well-planned murder,” BJP Cuttack district president Prakash Behera had alleged.

Congress leader Debendra Sahu also raised similar allegations and said that the local MLA who is a minister in the State Cabinet has direct link in the death of Prafulla Biswal.

“The minister was using Biswal for quite some time to eliminate Kulamani Baral and after achieving the target, he also made Biswal suffer the same fate so that he would not reveal the secret,” Sahu had said.

(Edited By Pradeep Singh)