Saswat Singhdeo

Balasore: Despite strict warning to not enter the restricted areas near the Proof and Experimental Establishment (PXE) and Military Engineering Service (MES) in Chandipur, many allegedly unheeding locals enter the restricted zone and often end up paying a heavy price for it.

Sukumar Dalai, son of Surendra Dalai of Tundura village was reportedly killed after a missile fell near him while he had gone into the sea for fishing in the restricted area.

“My son was killed after a missile fell near his boat in the sea while he had gone for fishing which is the only source of livelihood for us,” said Surendra.

In a bid to collect and sell the residual parts of missiles as scraps, some villagers in the past either suffered severe injuries or got killed following sudden bursts.

As per reports, nearly 25,000 missiles are tested every year at PXE before being inducted into the Indian Army.

Due to the regular testing of Pinaka rockets, ammunitions used for tankers and grenades, entry to the 19-km stretch between Chandipur & Injudi and an area of 3 km inside the sea has been completely restricted.

Meanwhile, the concerned officials of the testing centre have said that they are conducting regular awareness programmes in the area to educate the local residents on the disastrous consequences of entering the restricted area.

Speaking on the issue, Director of PXE, D K Joshi said, “For a meagre amount, villagers are putting their lives at risk. We don’t want them to get hurt for which we are conducting awareness programmes.”


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