Suryakant Jena

Bhubaneswar: Even as the dreadful memories of the Kunduli gang rape incident are still fresh in the minds, another such episode has come back to haunt the State. A college girl allegedly gang raped by four youths in Malkangiri died at the hospital on Thursday where she was admitted following a suicide attempt.

Family members of the girl claimed that she took the extreme step as the accused were granted bail.

As per the statements of her uncle, she was gang raped by four youths inside a college campus in Malkangiri in November 2017. After recovering from the trauma, she came to Bhubaneswar and had been staying here since then to continue her studies.

A few days ago she attempted suicide and was admitted to AIIMS Hospital in Bhubaneswar for treatment. However, she died on Thursday at the hospital.

Her uncle alleged, “As the gang rape case continued to linger in the lower court, we sought the intervention of the High Court. But we did not get justice even after one and half year of the incident. Unable to bear the suffering, she used to threaten us about committing suicide often. We believe she might have taken the extreme step because of the mental breakdown.”

Meanwhile, the BJP has blamed the police for the death of the survivor. State party General Secretary & Spokesperson Lekhashree Samantsinghar alleged that the girl committed suicide after failing to get justice as the accused were granted bail due to mild charges of offence framed against them.

However, comments from police in connection with the allegations could not be obtained.