Braja Kishore

Koraput: MLA Krushna Chandra Sagaria today has alleged that anti-socials with the help of some officials of Koraput Municipality and the tehsil office are trying to usurp around 4 acre land belonging to the municipality.

Koraput MLA, Sagaria made these allegations in front of the district collector, who reportedly assured that an investigation will be launched into the matter.

According to sources, the said land spread over three acres and 94 cent with an estimated cost of approximately Rs 25-30 crore belongs to the Koraput municipality. According to the MLA, some corrupt employees of the municipality and Tehsil are deliberately not submitting documents, undermining the ownership claim of the municipality in court.

Sources said, a person identified as Paidi Tali, the actual owner of this land had donated it to the Koraput Municipality for the welfare of common people. In the 1966, the municipality had received the record of rights for this land. However, the documents proving the ownership of the municipality have gone missing.

The executive officer of the municipality has accepted that the civic body could not produce the requisite documents in the court as they are missing.

Bhagwan Bahinipati, the chairman of the Koraput Municipality said we demand a proper investigation and despite the fact that we have lost the case we will move the High Court.

Speaking to media, Koraput Collector K. Sudarshan Chakrabarty said, the MLA has filed a complaint regarding the land scam and suitable action will be taken as per procedure.