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Devbrat Patnaik

Puri: A clash between the Daitapati Servitors and the Jagannath Temple Police (JTP) Monday evening allegedly delayed the rituals of Hera Panchami on the fifth day of the annual chariot festival in the pilgrim town. Though the Sandhya Dhupa ritual at Gundicha temple was conducted on time, the arrival of Goddess Mahalakshmi (Mahalaxmi Bije Niti) was allegedly delayed and could not be conducted even by 12 midnight.

It has been alleged that a JTP staff pushed the wife of a Badagrahi (body protector) of Lord Jagannath over some issue yesterday. This resulted in an argument between the Badagrahi's son and JTP personnel and subsequently he allegedly thrashed the JTP personnel.

Following this, the JTP filed a written complaint with the Srimandir Commander seeking action against the Badagrahi's son. The allegations and the counter allegations continued for a few hours, which allegedly delayed the Hera Panchami ritual, said sources.

However, the Sri Jagannath Temple Administration (SJTA) then resolved the issue through an amicable settlement.

On Hera Panchami, Goddess Laxmi expresses her anger at Lord Jagannath for leaving her alone at Srimandir and staying at his aunt’s abode with his siblings.

As per rituals, after taking advice from Goddess Bimala, an upset Goddess Laxmi was made to leave for Gundicha Temple in a bimana (decorated palanquin) to see Lord Jagannath. She was escorted by her servitors in a colourful procession through the Badadanda. After reaching the temple, the palanquin halted near Lord Jagannath's chariot- Nandighosa, where she was welcomed with ‘Bandapana’ by Pati Mahapatra servitors. Later, the Goddess was taken to Lord Jagannath through the ‘Jay Vijay Dwara’ where she received an ‘agyan mala’ (a garland of consent) from Pati Mahapatra servitors on behalf of the Lord who assured the Goddess to return to Srimandir after three days.

As per rituals, Goddess Laxmi then asked her servitors to break a part of the Nandighosa and returned to the Srimandir secretly through Nakachana gate via Gohiri Sahi route.

Meanwhile on the sixth day today, the chariots of the Holy Trinity will be prepared for return Journey, and turned southwards known as Dakshina Moda. The chariots will be kept near Nakachana Dwara, eastern Gate of Gundicha temple towards Srimandir.

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