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Bhubaneswar: Three days after twins Jaga and Kalia returned from AIIMS, New Delhi, doctors at SCB Medical College and Hospital, Cuttack said one of them can go to school.

Craniopagus twins - Jaga and Kalia who were separated successfully at the AIIMS in New Delhi in 2017, returned to Odisha on Saturday and were immediately rushed to SCB Medical College and Hospital (SCBMCH) in Cuttack.

"One of the twins, Jaga is cheerful and can go to school. I have taken up the matter with authorities of the two schools in Cuttack," said CBK Mohanty, the superintendent of SCB Medical College Hospital, Cuttack.

If the medical committee and the twins' parents agree, Jaga can get admission in one of the two schools, he said.

"The secretary of Medical Public School Rabindra Mohanty and DAV school principal Namita Mohanty in Cuttack, have shown interest to admit Jaga in their schools," Mohanty said.

The condition of Kalia is still under observation.

Sometimes, Kalia suffers from fever and still is not given food through mouth, one of the attending doctors said.

The twins underwent a rarest of the rare surgery at AIIMS New Delhi in 2017 to separate them at their heads which was followed by rigorous post operative management for two years.

Following the surgery Jaga's condition improved rapidly but Kalia was found to be suffering from certain deficiencies, doctors said.

A 14-member team of doctors along with paramedics has been looking after the twins as per the advice of the AIIMS doctors.

Before leaving New Delhi, Dr Girija Rath, one of the doctors from New Delhi AIIMS, had said: "The children are in good health. Jaga is fine and Kalia's condition remains as it is."

The twin's father Bhuyan Kandar said, "The doctors will decide whether to allow Jaga to go to school. We will be very happy on the day when children go to school"

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