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ISRO Scientist Sarat Dash Speaks On What Possibly Went Wrong With Lander Vikram

Bengaluru: After losing contact with Chandrayaan-2 lander Vikram during its descend on Moon’s surface on Saturday, head of component quality assurance division of ISRO, Sarat Dash, has shed some light on what could be the possible reason behind the malfunctioning.

Dash, who hails from Odisha, said that the thrusters (engines) could have malfunctioned severely affecting the stability of lander Vikram.

“The thrusters on board were switched on just before its landing, but this situation arose because of some malfunction in them. Lack of coordination between four thrusters seem to be the reason behind Vikram’s veering off its assigned path,” added Dash.

Lander Vikram, which was supposed to land softly on the lunar surface veered off its designated path following which the Mission Control Room at Bengaluru lost all contacts with it just 2.1 kilometers above the lunar surface.

Meanwhile, ISRO sources have confirmed that the lander has been found on the lunar surface and efforts are being made to re-establish contact with it.

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