Sabyasachi Kundu

Bhubaneswar/Puri: Concerned over sharp decline in enrolment and other issues, parent-teacher meetings were organised for the first time in government schools across Odisha today.
As per reports, several key issues including attendance of students, their education and behaviour in school were discussed during the meetings.
At Unit-9 Boys' High School in Bhubaneswar, students along with their parents were seen interacting with teachers on importance of education, attendance of the students and enhancement of learning processes. The teachers also urged the parents to send their children to school regularly and informed the role and responsibilities of the parents towards educating their children.

"We had a discussion with the teachers on attendance of the students during the meeting. The parents were also asked to send their children to the school regularly," said Sheikh Nizamuddin, a guardian.

"The main objective of the PTM was to inform the parents regarding the importance of Learning Enhancement Programmes. The parents were also asked to send their children to school," informed Sandeep Kumar Patnaik, the headmaster (in-charge) of Unit-9 Boys' High School.

Worried over the poor results in government schools in comparison with private schools and other prominent issues, the School and Mass Education Department had directed all government schools to hold parent-teacher meetings today ( June 28)
The School and Mass Education Minister Samir Ranjan Dash also attended the PTM at a school in Puri's Gop block.

"In order to enhance the school education and find out the lacunae that the government schools are having, such meetings are being organised. I attended the meeting and asked the parents if the teachers had sought their suggestions to enhance the performances of the school," the minister said.

On the other hand, educationists and intellectuals have raised question over the implementation of the outcomes of the PTM.
" The meeting will have no value if the suggestions made by parents, teachers and the outcomes of the PTM are not implemented by the government," said educationist Pritish Acharya.