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IIPM Think Tank Director’s Social Media Post On Hindu Deities Sparks Row

Puri: Author and founder director of Indian Institute of Planning and Management (IIPM) Arindam Chaudhuri triggered controversy with his tweets on social media targeting Hindu deities.

In a social media stunt to promote his book ‘Beyond God & Capitalism’, Chaudhuri hurt the sentiments of devotees of Lord Jagannath and Lord Tirupati by posting the picture of the deities and said “prayers really don’t work.”

“PRAYERS REALLY DON’T WORK. EVER. What you think as prayers working, is nothing but coincidences. That’s why by praying you can only find car keys every time, make your favorite team win matches at times and never get a broken arm join back on its own, severed leg grow back or for that matter, get cured or even prevent getting infected by COVID19. To live your life confidently and by reason, READ>>The Intelligent Person’s Manifesto for Success & Happiness!<< ‘BEYOND GOD & CAPITALISM’,” Chaudhuri’s Facebook post read.

Following his social media post, people from all quarters of life has condemned his move to promote his book.

“The move by Arindam Chaudhuri is condemnable. Lord Jagannath is the God of the universe and everyone knows about his divinity. His social media post targeting the Lord has hurt the sentiments of all Hindus,” said senior servitor Binayak Das Mohapatra.

“He claims himself to be an intellectual. But, do intellectuals hurt sentiments of others? Since ages, the Lords and his rivals are there like Lord Ram and Ravan, Lord Krihna and Kansa. Similarly, in Kali Yuga there is also God and his rivals,” Priyadarshan Patnaik, convenor of Shree Jagannath Sena said.

(Edited By Ramakanta Biswas)

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  1. Raz says

    What Arindam Chaudhuri has said is a self-evident truth that Theists blinded by their devotion for lifeless statues cannot see! When your beliefs are false, all emotions and sentiment arising out of it are automatically false! God-worshippers are the biggest Retards in the world!

    Has any God prevented any human from being killed (in any manner possible)? NO! But why? How can the All-Powerful God be so Powerless as to not prevented his own Kids from being Killed? These are the Kids who worship all kinds of Gods 365 days/year. How can God betray them by not coming to their rescue in the face of an imminent danger of being killed?

    Shockingly, NONE of these Kids have ever questioned their Gods about this! Why? But these Kids are ready to thank the Gods when something Good happens in their lives! How strange? If they can thank Gods when Good happens why can’t they Blame/Question the God when He cannot prevent any Bad from happening to His own kids?

    Yes, Arindam is right! Prayers have never helped! That is a self-evident truth!
    But the God’s kids are Shocked & Offended! Is it Arindam’s fault if these Kids cannot face the Truth (whose only fault is that he has disturbed the make-believe world the kids are living in)? It’s like an Ugly-looking girl who thinks that she is the most beautiful lady in town! But, for some reason, she has never seen her face in the Mirror! And when a Mirror is placed before her, the reaction is hardly surprising: She is SHOCKED! ROFL!

    That is why I said, God-worshippers are the biggest Retards in the world!

  2. Epsilon says

    Another dim-witted atheist trying to sell his book and earn some bucks. Arindam has not learned enough in his life to be able to comment about faith and prayers. Will him well. Good luck with the book.

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