Suryakant Jena

Bhubaneswar: As the Odisha police gropes in the dark even five days after the dramatic escape of dreaded gangster Hyder from a guarged chamber at Cuttack’s SCB on Saturday, former State DGP Prakash Mishra fired a volly of questions at Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik on Wednesday wondering the latter’s conspicuous silence over the issue despite holding the ‘Home’ portfolio.

Mishra, presently a senior BJP leader who had also served as the DG, CRPF before joining politics, said the shocking escape of the gangster could not have been possible without the active collusion of police, jail and hospital officials. “But above all, some influential power was behind the conspiracy and he should be brought to limelight,” Mishra said while taking a dig at the appaling law and order situation in the State as showcased by the fleeing of the dreaded mobster right under the nose of security guards.

Here are the 10 questions put by Mishra to Naveen

  • Why was a dangerous mobster like Hyder frequently escorted to Cuttack from Sambalpur?
  • Who suggested his treatment at Cuttack SCB?
  • It also needs to be explained whether Hyder was actually undergoing treatment in Cuttack?
  • Why did the government show such unusual mercy on a dreaded criminal?
  • While a general patient is unable to get bed, who approved allotment of a cabin to such a criminal?
  • If as reports suggest that Hyder was suffering from Renal problems, why was he consuming biriyani at the hospital?
  • How was the local police blissfully unaware of Hyder’s escape even 3 hours after the incident?
  • Was the gangster’s escape planned in a manner so as to allow him enough time to slip past highway check gates before police issued emeregency lookout orders?
  • Such crafty escape plan could not have been possible without the collusion of Police, Prisons and Medical departments. Who was the influential power behind the conspiracy?
  • Why is Chief Minister Naveen Patnaik, who also holds the Home portfolio remaining silent over the case?

Mishra said it was disgraceful for the CM to keep mum over the incident after suspending 6 junior-level constables. “What about the higher ups,” he asked.

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