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Odishatv Bureau

Sambalpur: Quality of saline (IV fluid) being administered to patients in government hospitals in Odisha have often come under the scanner. In another disconcerting incident, fungus-like substance was found floating inside a saline bottle which was supplied to a patient in Sambalpur Sadar hospital. Fortunately, the saline bottle was spotted by a nurse before it was administered to a patient, following which it was returned to the store from where it was supplied.

According to sources, while the bottle carries an expiry date of 2021, such poor quality of fluid inside the bottle has raised eyebrows. Though the store in-charge refused to comment on the matter, the CDMO made light of the lapses and said that he has come across several such incidents in his career. He also said that the saline bottle will be sent for examination.

"It is not a new thing to find fungus inside saline bottles. We have seen a lot of such things in our career. We generally check the bottles before administering it to patients," said Sambalpur CDMO, Sashi Bhushan Patel.

"The company which is supplying such low-quality saline should be black-listed. Action should also be taken against the CDMO, who has been taking the matter lightly," said a Sambalpur resident, Golak Bihari Mishra.

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