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Explosive scenario: 9.3 Lakh job-seekers; mere 1000 vacancies in Odisha!

The big jolt for Odisha is the private sector, considered a panacea for State's unemployment ill, could provide placement to a little over a thousand (1,036) in eleven-long years of 2009-19.


Bhubaneswar: The unemployment situation in Odisha looks very explosive. For a staggering of over 9 lakh job-seeking youths registered in the 40 employment exchanges across the State, the State government and its aided institutions could give a measly 1,023 placements in 2018.

The big jolt for the State also is the private sector, which has been considered the panacea for State’s unemployment ill, could provide placement to a little over a thousand (1,036) in eleven-long years of 2009-19.

Significantly, the Naveen Patnaik government has been laying much emphasis on private sector participation for creation of jobs in the State. But the paltry numbers hint at a big thumbs down to the efforts of the State.

As per a statement laid in the House today, the live register position in State’s employment exchanges till date stood at a massive 9.37 lakh.

In contrast, proving a drop in the Ocean, another statement placed in the House on placements made in the State during the last 11-years reveals that the State could declare vacancies for around 1,023 posts in 2018. The details show 1,021 placements were made by State government; whereas a mere 2 placements were done in State’s semi-government institutions (read as PSUs).

Sample how the jobs see a rapid shrinking in the State sector? Data tabled in the State assembly revealed that State government has been the biggest employer in Odisha. But the vacancies notified by State has trimmed down from a high of over 6,000 in 2009 to mere 1,674 in 2018. During the first quarter of 2019, the placements made in the state sector stood at mere 238. During the period of 11-years (2009-19), the State could give placements to only little over 23,000.

However, the irony here is the State Government is saddled with a massive 1.35 lakh vacancies in 2018-19.

The private sector, data shows, failed to give placement to a single person in the State in  2018. Job placements in private sector has deteriorated over the years. From an average of around 250 placements per year during the 4-year period of 2009-12, the numbers had fallen drastically to an average of around 19 persons per year during the 7-year period of 2013-19.

Why private sector job creation rate timid in Odisha? The findings of Sixth Economic Census (latest one) provide the answer.

Between 2005 and 2013, the number of establishments/units grew by just 2 per cent annually in Odisha against over 8 per cent in Gujarat, which had seen nearly 2 lakh job vacancies every year. Even, the growth rate in neighbouring backward states like Bihar and Jharkhand had been over 5 per cent and 4 per cent, respectively.

Moreover, data shows that the average number employed per establishment in Odisha at mere 2, which shows they are very small sized establishments.

The Sixth Economic Census facts revealed that while the growth of units had been slow, the units’ size were also of small scale.

An analysis of the live register position reveals that the State’s capital, Bhubaneswar, records the highest registration of around 98,000 job-seekers in its around 3 employment exchanges. Cuttack and Sambalpur follow the Capital city. Balasore, which was an industrial hub, figured in the top-5 registrations in the employment exchanges with over 41, 000 registrations.

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