Odishatv Bureau

Bhubaneswar: Taking the fight to BJD camp, Sujata, wife of expelled BJD legislator from Gopalpur, Pradeep Panigrahi, today has levelled a sensational allegation against cop-turned politician Arup Patnaik, who has been the head of Mo-Parivar, a pet programme of CM Naveen Patnaik.

“Arup Patnaik had boarded the charter flight with Akash Pathak on July 11 to Pune. While Pathak dropped out at Pune, Patnaik alone had flown to Mumbai in the same chartered flight”, she claimed. Hitting out further at BJD’s charge of “anti-people activities” against her husband, Sujata charged the BJD top brass of hypocrisy and conspiracy.

“Arup boarding chartered flight is not anti-people. But Pradeep doing so had been branded as anti-people. Is this not double standard”, she retorted.

Speaking exclusively to OTV correspondent, Sujata alleged that the vigilance swoop on father –son duo of Abhay and Akash Pathak has been hatched by the powers that be in BJD to derail my daughter’s marriage. Questioning the very timing of the swoop, she asked, “couldn’t this have been done a month earlier or later?”

Apparently warning to “expose the BJD group at work against her legislator husband, “Sujata claimed that she had proof and the bombshell will be dropped at an appropriate hour.

The version of BJD leader Arup Patnaik on the allegations levelled against him by Sujata is yet to be received.