Pradeep Singh

Bhubaneswar: A day after expelled BJD leader Damodar Rout announced plans to float a new party and said that former BJD leader Prafulla Ghadei agreed to his proposal but changed his mind afterwards; Ghadei today rubbished the claims and said Rout is making such frivolous statements to create confusion in the minds of people.

"I am more disappointed than surprised after listening to whatever he told about me," said Ghadei, adding that he has not discussed with Rout or anyone close to him regarding formation of a new party.

Taking a jibe at Rout, he further said, "Why is he trying to create smoke where there is no fire?"

However, Rout said that Ghadei has made such statements to make the third floor of the State Secretariat happy.

"After he (Ghadei) joined the BJD, the hunger for money and power engulfed him. The circumstances in which he was expelled from the BJD, had he had some self respect left, he wouldn't have spoken such things," said Rout.

He further alleged that Ghadei's statement is an attempt to protect his black money. "I haven't spoken to Prafulla Ghadei in the last six months. What is the reason behind such statements against me? Only to make Pandian (private secretary to Odisha CM) happy...," he added.

Earlier on Wednesday, Rout had said that when some people asked Ghadei to join the new party, he agreed but later changed his mind after Pandian spoke to him over phone fearing that his decision might jeopardise his son’s career who is presently a leader in BJD.