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Rojalin Mishra

Dhenkanal: A herd of elephant wreaked havoc after straying into human settlements at Koria and Hatrod areas of Dhenkanal town today.  According to sources, three persons have been injured after being attacked by elephants in Koria area.

In another incident, a herd of 20 wild jumbos unleashed extensive damage at Samatangi village in Kamakhyanagar of the district. Locals alleged that the Forest department officials have been lackadaisical in taking concrete steps to drive away the elephants.

“Herds of elephants straying into human habitations and damaging crops and property have become a routine affair in the locality. We are spending sleepless nights in fear of being attacked by the jumbos" said Saraswati, a local resident.

“We are having a harrowing time as the elephants are straying into the villages and destroying our houses. However, the Forest department has turned a blind eye to our concerns,” said Pramila, another villager.

In the wake of the destruction caused by the wild animals, villagers have sought compensation for their losses. Moreover, it is alleged that neither the Forest department nor any other government official has reached the spot to take stock of the situation.

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