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Sharmili Mallick

Bolangir: The East Coast Railway (ECoR) today removed its last mechanical signals with arms, which was operational in at Tureikela Road Station near Kantabanji in Balangir district, and replace it with modern signalling system.

With this, as part of its modernization plan, ECoR has now replaced all the mechanical signals with arms or Semaphore along the railway lines under its jurisdiction with Modern Multiple Aspect Colour Lights Signalling.

Earlier, the ECoR had changed mechanical signals with the modern ones in at least nine stations including Lakhana, Khariar Road, Bhimkhol, Komkhan and Harishankar Road between Titlargh and Raipur railway stations in a year.

“The advantage of colour-light signalling over semaphore signalling is the higher reliability of electrical control over the signals compared to the mechanical means for operating semaphore signals,” said a statement of the ECoR.

Unlike Semaphore, colour-light signals do not suffer from 'distance limitations' allowing signal controls to be placed conveniently together even if the signals themselves are far away. In addition, the electrical circuitry naturally allows for monitoring, interlocking and detection of failure conditions, added the statement.

“In colour-light signals, a junction route indicator or directional type route indicator is commonly used to indicate diverging routes. This consists of an additional set of 5 lunar white lamps in a row at an angle, attached to the main signal. The angle of the junction route indicator corresponds in a rough manner to the angle made by the diverging route. When these additional lamps are lit, they indicate that the signal applies to a diverging route. Otherwise, the signal is taken to apply to the main route,” read the ECoR statement.

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