Mrunal Manmay Dash

Cuttack: Confused patients and their attendants were seen running hither and thither today after a sudden ingress of drain water inside the Neurosurgery ward including the Operation Theatre (OT) of Sriram Chandra Bhanj Medical College & Hospital (SCBMCH) in Cuttack. The resulting unhygienic conditions and the stench of drain water disrupted treatment in the OT and Intensive Care Unit (ICU) of the department for quite some time.

As per the reports, the sanitation workers got rid of the drain water from the department after extensive efforts.

Suresh Chandra, an attendant of a patient admitted in the ICU of the Neurosurgery department said, “I was sleeping on the floor beside my nephew’s bed in the ICU when water suddenly gushed into the room. My clothes got all soaked in drain water.”

People who witnessed the flooding and the frantic efforts of the sanitation workers to clean up the hospital floor were horrified by the spectacle. Some of them expressed their disappointment over the situation in the largest hospital in Odisha.

A relative of another patient, Vijay Kumar Das said, “Medical authorities are totally responsible for this debacle.”

Flooding & waterlogging aren't new inside SCBMCH. The hospital was recently in news when rain water flooded the X-Ray department of the hospital following a downpour, forcing seriously injured patients to wade through knee deep water to get diagnosed.

Interestingly, that time too, the hospital authorities assured the media that the drainage system will be improved and the pipelines repaired.

The Administrative Officer of SCBMCH, Kalpataru Behera said, “A monkey broke one of the drainage pipes of the Neurosurgery department, which led to the spillage of drain water into the ward. We will try to fix the problem soon.”