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Devotion Grips Bhadrak After ‘Shiva Linga’ Emerges From Ground

Bhadrak: Devotees in large number throng Baladiapada under Goramati panchyat here in the district after a ‘Shiva Linga’ emerged out of the ground during soil excavation for construction of a park on Saturday.

According to sources, the Shiva Linga was found when ground levelling work being done at the site by a tractor. A part of the tractor got damaged after it hit a stone-like substance. When people cleared the dust, they found the stone to be a ‘Shiva Linga’. As soon as the news spread in the area, villagers make a beeline to the place to worship the deity.

“The Shiva Linga emerged when the tractor was levelling the ground for construction of the park. As soon as I was informed about the incident, I reached the spot and offered puja. A temple will be constructed here,” said Ganesh Tripathi, a priest.

“We are very happy that Shiva Linga has emerged in our village. We are offering puja to the deity,” said Anita, a devotee.

Ganesh Prasad Mallick, the local sarpanch said, “People are gathering in large numbers as soon as the news spread in the area and devotion has gripped the locality.”

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