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Odisha Covid-19 Lockdown: Passes Must For Office-goers In Bhubaneswar-Cuttack

Bhubaneswar: Amid a near-complete lockdown to contain the spread of Coronavirus, the Police commissioner of the twin cities of Bhubaneswar & Cuttack, Sudhanshu Sarangi today clarified that those who need to travel to office for work have to obtain passes for the same.

While speaking to OTV, Sarangi today said that those in emergency services have been put in exempted category and will have to obtain passes to be able to commute. Sarangi said, for the purpose of obtaining those passes, employees should get their names and details registered at a police station through their management & senior officers at the nearest police stations. The passes will be issued by the home department and have to be carried by the persons concerned while traveling on road during the lockdown.

While explaining the move, Sarangi said that it is difficult to stop every vehicle on road and carry out a thorough check. Moreover, police personnel who are on duty are also exposed to infection and we have to reduce their exposure as well. Even for central government employees, the concerned authorities are also issuing passes and we are also coordinating with them, he added.

Speaking about the challenge at hand, the commissioner said that they have their work cut out and as bus terminals, courts etc shut down it will ease our burden.

The Police Commissioner also recommended the general public to stay home and not come out unless it is absolutely necessary. He said that people coming out for groceries and essential supplies should come out alone and purchase in bulk and stay indoors as much as possible.

On reports of cases of violation of lockdown, Sarangi said that stern action is being taken and people are being booked for such violations.

Coming down heavily on the violators, Sarangi said “You are not fooling police, but you are fooling yourselves. People violating the norms are not only enemy of police, but also of the whole nation as they are putting so many lives in danger.”

Later in the day, after people rushed to police stations to get their passes, the commissioner urged people that ‘There seems to be a rumour that curfew passes are being issued by Police Stations. Passes are being issued to emergency services exempted by the State govt. Please don’t rush to Police Stations.”

He went on to clarify that emergency workers are getting vehicle passes & can use their identity card till passes are issued. Others will be permitted for specific purpose & duration, Sarangi added.

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