Devbrat Patnaik

Bhubaneswar: Soon after Dilip Ray tendered his resignation from the legislator post and BJP today, senior BJP leader Bijoy Mohapatra also resigned from the party citing negligence by party national leaders, through a letter at a press conference here. The resignation letter has been issued to BJP National president Amit Shah & signed by both Dilip Ray and Bijoy Mohapatra.

Bijoy termed that both of them felt neglected by the party. "We regret to state that despite repeated efforts in appraising you on the sorry state of affairs in the party here , neither you nor any senior central party leader bothered to consult, review or take corrective measures. Be it the Mahanadi water issue, or the unfulfilled promises of a second hedge over river Brahmani ; the super speciality hospital at Rourkela or the dreams of lakhs of jobs for Odia youth which we sold at Paradip during the inauguration of the Oil Refinery - nothing , absolutely nothing materialized," the letter mentioned.

Speaking to media persons, Mohapatra said, "Joining BJP in 2009 in a hurry was a wrong decision. BJP has no attachment to Odisha or its interests. We cannot compromise our self respect or the interest of the State."

Asked on whether he will join the BJD, Mohapatra said, "Let time take its own course. I will be in a position to comment on this after 15 days. For now, let discussions remain where they are."

"People of Odisha are disillusioned.Several leaders in the party here shared our concerns, but remain silent fearing denial of tickets . The well meaning suggestions by us to you were construed as a threat by certain ego centric self serving individuals who resort,ed to dirty tricks and a campaign was launched in our respective constituencies to try and deride us," stated the letter.

Turning blind to reality does not help anyone neither does it serve any purpose. As self respecting politicians with decades of service to Odisha, we refuse to continue in the party as showpieces.

We can't be treated as furniture in the party while the rootless talk big and project a larger than life image.

For us the interest of the state is supreme, we have never ever compromised our self respect or the interest of the state for any post , power or ticket. We fiercely guard the interest of people of our state and particularly our constituency to whom we are answerable.

The electoral defeat with a margin of 40,000 votes at Bijepur by poll was a shocker the party lost all the by-polls held at the panchayat level, more so, in pockets of many self-styled tall leaders. This reflected the disenchantment of the people at the manner in which the party was functioning here.

We waited for four long years in vain. We refuse to wait any longer. Our continuance in the party is no longer untenable, hence we quit- stated the duo.

Meanwhile, BJP State chief president Basant Panda in his reaction said, “If branch of a tree falls, new branches will germinate from the damaged portion and that is nature. Only dreams cannot lead to anything. Apart from this, PM Narendra Modi is committed to development.”

Panda added, “BJP will not be affected if anyone quits the party. The decision to quit party is his personal view and BJP will not interfere into it.”

BJP spokesperson Golak Mohapatra commented, “Were they present in the party that they tendered a resignation? Both Dilip Ray & Bijoy Mohapatra had been staying away from party affairs for quite some time now. BJP is a huge party and no one has ever been ignored. Their resignation will have no effect on the party.”

BJP State vice-president Samir Mohanty said, “Forming a coterie is in the DNA of Bijoy Mohapatra. He tried to create groupism in BJP but failed. Dilip Ray’s resignation is also over personal interest, and IGH & Brahmani issues are just reasons for namesake.”

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