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Mrunal Manmay Dash

Talcher: In a case of gross medical negligence, a 5-year-old girl was left to suffer as a broken needle got stuck in her body after she was treated at a private clinic in Talcher four months back.

As per reports, the minor girl named Shalini was taken to a private clinic by her parents, Niranjan Behera and Sumitra Behera at Gopalprasad in Talcher when she complained of illness.

During treatment, one of the clinic staff administered an injection to Shalini which allegedly broke leaving the needle stuck inside her body.

The doctor reportedly assured the girl’s parents by saying that the needle would automatically get out from her body after some time. But to the despair of Shalini, the needle never got out from her body and the pain gradually increased to unbearable proportions.

Both Niranjan and Sumitra then reportedly took her to another private clinic at Angul where the doctors operated on Shalini but couldn’t remove the needle from her body. Dejected, they again tried their luck in a Private hospital at Bhubaneswar but failed again.

Despite four months of moving from pillar to post, the parents of the girl have been unable to get her out of this health hazard.

Narrating Shalini’s ordeal, her grief-stricken mother said, “She is suffering a lot and is not even able to sleep in the night due to unbearable pain in her lower back.”

Saying that the family has spent whatever they had got for the treatment of the girl, local residents of the area have urged the government to provide some assistance.

Speaking to the media, Talcher Additional Collector said, “We had contacted SCB Hospital regarding the surgery, but the equipment used for this kind of surgery had malfunctioned. We will make arrangements for her operation at Cuttack once again.”

Earlier in October this year, three-year-old boy also had to face such an incident while he was administered injection by a nurse at Madhapur Hospital in Angul.

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